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Top 5 things to consider before planning a trip abroad

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As travel bloggers and frequent travellers, we can be said to have a decent understanding as to what goes behind every trip abroad. Although it normally ends up being labelled as a vacation and the drool worthy pics do end up causing a bit of envy, the sweat, time and energy that goes in making a trip successful is something …

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A Vegetarian and Vegan’s Luxury Travel Guide to Koh Samui

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  One of the most beautiful tropical islands to visit in the world is Thailand’s Koh Samui. Potential tourists often wonder if luxury travel as a vegetarian or vegan to this paradise is possible without the hassle of doing meticulous planning. The good news is that several vegan-friendly restaurants are available on the island to cater for your specific travel …

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Austria has a unique proposition to offer to visitors given its location, weather and terrain. It has a population of just 8.5 million and has adopted the Euro as its primary currency. A country for all seasons, it has its capital at Vienna which houses about a quarter of its population. If you’re planning to travel to Austria, its best …