Top Winter Fashion Trends For Men

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Although the winter season is on its way out, there are plenty of destinations where warm clothing remains a necessity. Layering is always a great way to beat the cold but a good jacket can be practical as well as stylish. Our post talks about different settings to pair with different options to make a statement while keeping yourself warm.

We will be primarily talking about scarves, sweatshirts, and jackets as part of our wardrobe recommendations. Other essentials like thermals, socks, sweatshirts, hoodies, etc. are something we leave to personal preferences. To start with, Jackets for Men are a big style statement and depending on your pairing choices, can be used in both a formal or casual setting.

Leather Jackets – We do not recommend animal products and hence can only recommend faux leather products. One of the most versatile kinds of jacket, it can be paired with a hoodie, a smart turtleneck sweater or even a t-shirt if the weather allows. It works equally well for a weekend bike trip or a date night making it an invaluable part of a men’s wardrobe.

Down Jackets – Another jacket we do not recommend in its original form but cannot shy away because of its practical use. There are plenty of synthetic options available which pack bigger but are water-resistant and a more responsible way to staying warm. These generally provide for a boxy fit but are usually available in vibrant colours making them a great choice as a mid-layer or outer layer in more moderate temperatures.

Denim Jackets – These are evergreen fashion statements, although suited more for a casual setting and less extreme conditions. These hardy jackets will serve you a lifetime and generally age well. You cannot go wrong pairing it with a set of chunky chinos or dark jeans. I’ve received a couple of hand-me-downs from my dad and has been my go-to jacket before they gave up on me.

Bomber Jackets – A personal favorite as it works in a variety of settings both formal and casual especially when it’s only starting to get chilly. I’ve paired them with slacks as well as denims and worn them to meetings as well as fine-dine restaurants (although I generally prefer wearing a woolen blazer to such places) and never felt underdressed.

The sweatshirt is another clothing trend that will never go out of fashion. Most of us have been wearing sweatshirts all our lives with the most popular of them screaming the name of the school or college we went to. For me personally Sweatshirts for men are the go-to mid-layer when paired with woolen coats or blazers and outer-layer when paired with a shirt. Solids like Khakhi, Maroon or Olive green pair well with a range of colour tones and are ideal choices for first-timers. Graphic sweatshirts are also in fashion especially for the “man-children” of our generation who proudly carry their idols (mostly fictional characters from one comicverse or the other) on our chest. Although that should only be worn with the explicit permission of your significant other.

Scarves returned to mainstream fashion during the last recession where women adopted these fashion accessories into their wardrobes to give different looks to their attire. For men it’s always been a subtle part of the wardrobe and is as masculine as they come contrary to popular belief. You are sure to figure out a style for yourself with these handy pieces, wrap it around your neck or let it hang loose, it’s your choice. The best part is that they are mostly unisex (except for the more gaudily printed silk scarves) and you can easily borrow one of your wives’ scarves to style yourself differently.

Most of the options shared above are something we’ve experimented with for years and never gone wrong with. There are several others like overcoats, trench-coats, woolen suits, pea coats and the likes which we can’t see ourselves wearing regularly in the mostly tropical climate we see here in India and hence are something we haven’t mentioned. At the end of it all, we believe that the key to looking stylish is knowing what complements your sense of fashion best and not being afraid to challenge the norm. Trust yourself and wear it confidently, there’s no right and wrong when it comes to fashion.