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We are Rishabh & Nirali –  lovebirds, explorers and awesomeness personified

Ours was an traditional arranged marriage – we went for a couple of family organized dates, chatted a few hours over the phone before deciding we wanted to spend our lives together. Quite surprisingly, the experience was much better than we both expected and what we really connected on was our passion for travel.

Like all new couples we were in a phase of discovering each other, after a while we decided the best way to move forwarded was to discover the world together and in the process discover ourselves. Both being the free spirited kind, the idea appealed to both of us and we became the Gypsy Couple.

We’ve traveled alone, we’ve traveled alone together, we’ve traveled with friends and family and each has given us a different experience to cherish.

Modified Palaces, Tree houses and Luxury Hostels intrigue us equally for every place has a story. We are the story  hunters of the old, scourging the lands for the new and interesting. Between us we’ve covered the length and breadth of India, some parts of Europe, bits and pieces of South East Asia, South Africa and China.

We visit as tourists, stay as locals and leave as prodigal sons with the hope of returning back. Our ‘Bucket List’ includes the Machu Picchu trail, the Amazon rainforest, trekking up Mt. Kilimanjaro,an igloo stay somewhere around the North Pole, being a certified Sky Diver and the ever elusive (and very expensive) Antarctica. Of course there’s more on our personal bucket lists, which we’ll tell you someday over a cup of coffee.

We are part time writers, so please bear with us if we do not upload images from the jungles of Africa while we are running away from some wild beast protecting their domain. We also tend to get a bit carried away by the sheer beauty of some places that we would rather post images which anyways speak a thousand words and some we chose to use a thousand words to describe instead.

If you are where we plan to be next, give us a shout, we’ll drop by for a chat, exchange some stories and become friends for life. You can also contact us here or  follow us at FacebookTwitter, Instagram & Pinterest and make us  (almost) World famous 🙂