Things to do in Jordan | 5 Secret tips to fuel your Wanderlust

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Jordan is frequently overshadowed by its neighbours and a bit ignored, partly due to the instability in the region. In fact it is a Treasure-chest waiting to be opened by tourists who do manage to get here. Perfectly safe and amazingly beautiful are common phrases used by travellers we know who’ve been there and it seems, well deservedly so. However, like all under-explored destinations, there is a chance that one might miss out on the best the place has to offer simply because there’s not much written about it. Without further ado, here is a short secret Jordan guide from us on things to do in Jordan and more importantly what not to miss.

Things to do in Jordan #1: Petra by the night

Gypsycouple Jordan Guide: Petra, Jordan

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Petra is perhaps the most visited of all destinations in Jordan and for good reason. Called the cradle of civilization by many due to the Mesopotamian Civilization which is said to have flourished in the region. The lost city of Petra, Jordan is an adventurer’s fantasy and a mythologist’s paradise as there are so many things to still ponder over and discover. However once the day trippers retire after a day’s worth of exploring and million selfies with the camels, Petra shows another face to the ones who stay behind. A special tour takes you through the Siq with just candles to light the way. The tour ends at the Treasury, illuminated by thousands of candles offering a hauntingly beautiful image one cannot describe in words or photos. Miss it at your own peril.

Jordan Guide Tip: If you’re in the mood for a little offbeat, a trip to little Petra might take you away from the tourist hordes and right in the middle of history. Also do not forget to click the obligatory camel selfie.

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Things to do in Jordan #2: Feeling alive in the Dead Sea

Gypsycouple Jordan Guide : Dead Sea

Photo Credits | Wikicommons

Almost everyone has heard about the Dead Sea. How because of its high saline content, there does not exist any marine life in its water and how people regardless of their volume, can “float” on it. However it is more of an experience than a science lesson. It is best understood by stripping into your swimming gear and jumping into the water try to disapprove the popular theory. Its therapeutic water is supposed to be good for the body and a traditional mud bath is recommended. You can checkout the link for a more detailed guide on the Dead Sea, Jordan

Jordan Guide Tip: It is recommended to avoid shaving right before the dip as a possible way to save yourself some serious burning. 

Things to do in Jordan #3: Live the Bedouin Life

Gypsycouple Jordan Guide : Wadi Rum Bedouins

Photo Credits | Wikicommons

The nomadic Bedouins hold a special spot in our hearts simply because they embody the gypsy values in their life much better than we do. Direct descendants of the Nabateans who built Petra, they are said to be excellent storytellers. Given that they would know the lay of the land better than practically anyone else, they also serve as wonderful guides. Especially so if you’re open to walking off the beaten path. The desert of Wadi Rum (Valley of the moon) offers the best experience of meeting and befriending the Bedouins. It also helps that the desert with its constantly changing colours, enigmatic vistas and breath-taking landscape also offers the best view of the stars. Stay at the Feynan Eco Lodge for the best experience while following the footsteps of the Lawrence of Arabia.

Jordan Guide Tip: Take the balloon flight over the desert which offers a much different perspective than from the ground.

Things to do in Jordan #4: Castle Hopping

Gypsycouple Jordan Guide : Karak Castle

Photo Credits | Wikicommons

This is a new term we’ve coined just for this experience. Similar to pub hopping, this experience involves visiting multiple castles instead of pubs. In this case, the crusader castles, scattered throughout Jordan. Of the lot, Karak is the most imposing and well preserved. A striking example of the 12th century castles built by crusaders and then strengthened by the Mamluke Sultans. The museum inside the castle offers a good glimpse into the history of the region and is highly recommended.

Jordan Guide Tip: Ask for a special tour through the Maluke Tunnels.

Things to do in Jordan #5: Search for Nemo in the Red Sea

Gypsycouple Jordan Guide : Finding Nemo in Aqaba, Red Sea

Photo Credits | Wikicommons

Jordan is not all desert as is commonly perceived. Aqaba a city off the Red Sea offers beaches, water sports and a chance for go searching for Nemo on your own. Tala Bay, located close to the city is a base for luxurious resorts and private beaches and offers a magnificent view of the Red Sea alongside the mountainous landscape. The glass of Jordanian wine (yes, it exists) makes for a perfect partner for viewing the sunset.

Jordan Guide Tip: Take the sunset cruise from Aqaba to Tala Bay if that’s your thing but if your budget permits, we recommend taking a microflight over the city which offers a totally different perspective.

If you’re planning a trip to Jordan you might also want to look at these itineraries by CN Traveller & National Geographic as a reference alongside our guide, before making your bookings.

Disclaimer: We’ve never been to Jordan but all these secrets we’ve shared in this Jordan Guide have been offered to us via our friends who either live there or have travelled there before. The Royal Jordanian have regular flights to this wonderful country from a range of destinations.

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