Top 5 things to do in Hong Kong this Summer

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Hong Kong has been captivating the Indian mindscape for a long time. Right from a serial exporter of Martial arts movies, as a primary gateway to china (and more importantly cheap shopping) and more recently as a great place for an International family vacation. Although its attractions offers something from everything, there is a big push towards positioning it as a great family destination. We list down the top five reasons why you and your family might want to consider Hong Kong for your family vacation this summer.

#1 Hong Kong Disneyland

Photo Credits | Disney

The Hong Kong Disneyland is bound to be a staunch favourite with the kids given the vast popularity of its other franchises worldwide among the same audience. It is however safe to keep in mind that this is perhaps the smallest Disney park out there. Not all of the rides are represented here and it might be a little strange to see Donald Duck greet you in Cantonese (The language of instruction around the park are English, Cantonese & Mandarin), however as with any Disneyland, it can make for a fun outing with the kids every time you go. It is best kept in mind that the lines are large especially during the summer holidays and it is always good to buy your tickets beforehand or signup for VIP Tour through their website which though expensive, can be a great way to beat the long lines in peak season. Although a 2 day pass is recommended for those with time and wishing for an unhurried experience, half a day is enough to enjoy the best rides if you’re short on time.  Some of the recent additions like the Star Wars: Tomorrowland Takeover & the Iron Man Experience have upped the theme quotient and should make it an even more enticing visit.

#2 Ocean Park

This educational park offering animal encounters makes for a great day of fun. The sea themed park is divided into two levels, Waterfront & Summit connected by a cable car which offers a convenient and scenic route between the two areas. The waterfront areas has a themed exhibit area highlighting the best of Asian Animals, The Panda enclosure which has the Giant Pandas and the more recently introduced Red Pandas, the aquarium and lots of rides for the younger kids to enjoy. The Summit offers rides for the older children, the sea lions (named the Whiskers Theatre) and the main show area where it is possible to have dolphin & penguin encounters. If all of the above doesn’t feel too hands on, you can give The Honorary Panda Keeper a try where you learn how to keep a Panda safe by eliminating threats, preparing food and get an insight about the daily lives of the Pandas.

#3 Star Ferry

The Star ferry is a historic boat carrying passengers from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon offering photo ops at one of the world’s most photographed harbours, Victoria Harbour. Rated by National Geographic as one of the 50 places to see in your lifetime, it is also one of the best value of money sightseeing trips at just $2.5 (Approx 150 INR) per person. The ferry also has a bit of Indian nostalgia attached to it for the trivia seekers with the founder Darabjee Naorojee Mithaiwala having Indian Parsi origins. Later when it was bought by a local businessman it was renamed to Star Ferry Company, which continues till date.

#4 Trick Eye Museum

Photo Credit | Trick Eye Museum (

Everyone loves the trick of the eye, a reason why magic shows are so popular. The trick eye museum is just that, offering visitors a way to engage with the wonderful 3D art in the museum which will have you looking back at the pictures in wonder. It makes for a wonderful 30 minutes visit and promise great photos to take home. Plus the kids will likely have a great story to tell their friends when school reopens.

#5 The Peak

The Peak is exactly what it sounds like. The highest point on the island offers spectacular views of the city with the viewing deck being the perfect place to take your holiday photo. Combine your visit with a meal and you’ll have double the fun even if you miss out on the views on a cloudy day. The Peak circle walk offers exactly that, a walk around the peak with great scenic shots and a little kids playground if you need a break, as it can take about an hour to go round the circle. The peak tram is the most scenic way to get to the peak and is the world’s steepest funicular railway, which can lend some interesting perspective to your pics.

Although there is a lot more to see and do in this wonderful destinations, we have to stop somewhere. All the information shared above was provided by friends or acquaintances who’ve been there and the Hong Kong Tourism Board. Hong Kong is celebrating 20 years of establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and are providing tourists a variety of Smart deals on all of the experiences mentioned above starting April 1st 2017. This can only mean more excitement for less money, an unbeatable combination for any family this summer.

For more information on the above or the specific deals available this summer visit and watch the video below.

This guide was made possible with the help of the Hong Kong Tourism Board. As always, all views are our own. Photo Credits to Hong Kong Tourism Board except where mentioned. If you have some extra time at hand you might like this article on Hong Kong .If it was a pitstop for your trip to China, you might love this list of things to see in Guangzhou

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