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Best Frequent Flyer Programs in India

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Loyalty programs are a popular strategy used by bigger brands especially in the hospitality sector to retain customers. When it comes to airlines, these are referred to as the Frequent Flyer Programs or Frequent Flyer Miles or Frequent Flyer Rewards based on where you are. Which brings us to the question, what are frequent flyer miles? Traditionally it was a …

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The Ultimate Packing list for Couples

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We’ve hardly ever come across a traveler who loves packing, leave alone a couple. Packing lists become invaluable as the bags start filling up. The excuses to load the remaining space with your suggestion vs your partner, start becoming more creative and the probable situations where they would be useful, more imaginative. However all is well with the universe again as …

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Travel in the times of terrorism

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Yet another attack brings the same questions of why to the forefront. The senseless acts of terrorism is a crime against humanity not only because it causes death and hurt the physical sense but that in so many other intangible things. The death of trust against a race/caste or creed associated with the act, the death of openness and warm …

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Top Romantic Destinations India

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Love is in the air and the cupids are having a field day shooting arrows left right and center. Given that this time it falls on a weekend we recommend giving your dinner bookings a miss and instead go for a quick weekend getaway for couples or if you’ve just got married consider it for honeymoon destinations in India. To …

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Travel Horoscope for 2016

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Wondering when you’ll be able to satiate your wanderlust this year? We delve into your sun sign’s travel personality and with numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani chart out your travel horoscope for 2016. 2016 promises to be a great year for travelling, especially for those born under the signs of Scorpio, Aries, Pisces, Sagittarius, Taurus and Libra. However, a word of …

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[Info guide] – What is Luxury Travel ?

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This is the first is a series of informative articles we are going to be writing in an attempt to help our readers become more informed and hence be able to understand better our opinions on destinations, hotels and experiences which we write about. An informed reader will push us to ask ourselves troublesome questions which we might have skipped …

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Hottest Destinations of 2016

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Our list of the hottest destinations co-created with the help of our traveller friends and incidentally some of the best travel bloggers out there. It has exceeded expectations and has become the our goto list for this year. Here’s what they had to say: LAURA FROM SAVORED JOURNEYS SUGGESTS TALLINN, ESTONIA “Not only is Tallinn, Estonia, a beautiful city, it is …