Travel in the times of terrorism

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Yet another attack brings the same questions of why to the forefront. The senseless acts of terrorism is a crime against humanity not only because it causes death and hurt the physical sense but that in so many other intangible things. The death of trust against a race/caste or creed associated with the act, the death of openness and warm welcomes to strangers and most importantly for us it hurts the motivation to travel.

We write about the hurt caused to the travel industry not just because we are a part of it and our love for it but because we believe travel is essential for mankind to prosper as a whole. Travel fosters understanding and empathy with others and opens your mind to being more inclusive. A much needed value in the world we find ourselves in today.  It helps transcend boundaries, understand cultures, religion and people. With 7 Billion of us now walking this planet – a huge jump from about the 370 million from just about 650 years ago, those values are more necessary than ever. In essence travel is the antithesis to terrorism and probably the easiest thing each one of us can do to keep it at bay. A nomad is the perfect counter to such acts of communal/regional terrorism because it is a community without religious or geographical boundaries. If you’re like us you should read up on how to be a nomad.

We are just 2 people but through you, our readers, the “we” can become a much larger force. We pledge to not be put down by these acts of terrorism. We will not cancel our trips and probably convince a few of our friends to join in as well. If not to Brussels, we will travel to Paris, Mumbai, Ankara or any of the places affected by acts of terrorism. In times like these, traveling to any of those places will be a show of solidarity much bigger than facebook temporary display pictures, an act of defiance against terrorism which we as normal citizens can participate in. We hope people will continue travelling, meeting new people, imbibing new cultures because in these troubled times travel is the Luke Skywalker raging a lonely battle against evil. May the force be with it. If you’re motivated by us and want to do a little more that your bit, do read this guide on how to start a travel blog.

We had written the poem below after the Mumbai attacks and feel it holds true even today.


Will you wake me,

When the music ends?

When the stars that we pushed

Into the sky stop burning bright

When the squished rags we made

Into clouds do explode

When Johnny comes out to play and

Finds his playground burnt and gone

Will you wake me,

When the music ends?

When the artists are all

But burned ashes lying in pots

Or raw bones dug up

In a mongrels mouth

When their instruments burnt,

Broken, remade and replayed

Play the same tunes,

From a different hand

When the mangled visages,

Show but a mask of indifference

To the mayhem around them

Each serene in their own blessed oblivion

Will you wake me,

When the music ends?

When the telephone rings

With no-one to pick up

When the voice calls out

Without a response

When the shrilly cry of a new born

Becomes mute with a parched throat

With no breast to suckle dry

With no mother to pat their back

When the heart of a lover waiting

At the doorstep flickers & dies

Little by little

With every breeze battering the open door

Will you wake me,

When the music ends?

When one fine day

It comes to me

When finally this song

Breaks into a death cry

Of broken strings

And broken hearts

When your laughter shadows

My crumbling corpse

When i lay on the road

With naught but sight

When crazy fools

Crowd the door

Watching the scene

In panicked flight

When finally I pass away

And face a God, or a thousand more

Won’t you wake me,

When this music ends?

To greet you all

This one last time

I curse you all

With my dying breath

You live with terror

I die in peace

See me slam the door

And slam it hard

The bastards you are,

You deserve to live.