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[Info guide] – What is Luxury Travel ?

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This is the first is a series of informative articles we are going to be writing in an attempt to help our readers become more informed and hence be able to understand better our opinions on destinations, hotels and experiences which we write about. An informed reader will push us to ask ourselves troublesome questions which we might have skipped …

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Hottest Destinations of 2016

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Our list of the hottest destinations co-created with the help of our traveller friends and incidentally some of the best travel bloggers out there. It has exceeded expectations and has become the our goto list for this year. [wpgmza id=”2″] Here’s what they had to say: LAURA FROM SAVORED JOURNEYS SUGGESTS TALLINN, ESTONIA “Not only is Tallinn, Estonia, a beautiful city, …

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Top 5 Destination Hotels in India to visit in 2016

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Holiday planning is generally divided into 3 parts, deciding the destination, booking the tickets and lastly booking the accommodation. With the growing number of Destination Hotels or simply put, hotels which are destinations in themselves, it is time we look at our travel planning differently. We look at 5 boutique hotels which have changed the game and our pick for …

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Travel Santas from around the World

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Travel Santas aren’t red clothed, white bearded, potbellied, grandpa like figures who come bearing gifts but complete strangers who gave you something to remember them by while you were in their city. It could be random acts of kindness, something as abstract as their time, or as simple as lending their phone for an emergency call. We’ve encountered people who’ve …

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5 Best Resorts in Goa handpicked for you

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Goa is inarguably the most popular beach destination in India. It is one of the favourite holiday spots among Indians, and attracts all types of holiday goers. There are plenty of options to explore in Goa based on your needs, tastes, and budgets, thereby making it difficult for an average holiday goer to shortlist an option. Additionally, shortlisting an option …

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Top 5 Family Travel Games

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The biggest worry while travelling with your kids is how keep them entertained. In most cases a popular game on the phone or tablet would serve you just fine, but on a longer vacation, time spent on activities with kids is much more memorable and worthwhile as an option. Travel games (with or without the board) can be exactly what …

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Top 5 things to do this Valentine’s Day

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With the Valentine’s Day right around the corner, there are quite a few men (and/or women) gearing up to make this day special for their partners. With everything accessible at the click of a mouse, we thought of listing some of the best things we could have planned for each other. We avoided gifting options because there’s so many to …

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Travel and Technology Trends 2015

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Every Year when the newspapers start carrying the popular trends of the year, for us quite a few are seen or heard about for the first time. Without fail, we end up thinking about how that one particular app could have been really helpful in our last trip. We aim to pre-empt ourselves into not missing out on any of …

New Year Resolutions for 2015

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This New Year, we wish to take a new angle to the whole New Year Resolutions game. Instead of cooking up travel promises we might end up not keeping and then pushing it forward to clog the next year resolutions, we will instead keep doable ones which we would feel a lot more guilty not keeping: 1.) Travel Light: This …

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Best Couple Travel Games

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It may seem ironic, maybe absurd at some level to take board games on a couples trip, especially considering that most trips for couples are to have a little R&R or maybe spend some alone time together. But it is not. Travel games can be exactly what the doctor ordered for such trips. Considering the waiting times at the airport, …