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World’s Most Unique Hotels

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Hotels can no longer be defined only by the amenities they provide, it has become essential to have a theme,or a place with character which defines it, such hotels are essentially called a boutique hotel. Business and casual travelers alike would prefer staying at a place with history, a back story or even something as simple as furniture which defines …

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5 of the best luxury hotels in India

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When you think luxury, India is not the first destination which pops up to the mind. With a great diversity in climates, vegetation and terrain to shape it, luxury travel has taken off in a big way. However it is the local culture steeped in hospitality which lends it the character to rate it amongst the best luxury hotels in …

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Top 5 Offbeat holidays for Couples

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Offbeat doesn’t necessarily mean it cannot be romantic as well. Every Couple has an idea of what constitutes a perfect vacation. These are our top 5 holiday ideas which may look “whoa” to begin with but can easily become “aww” worthy in no time. 1. Watch the Northern lights from a glass Igloo in Finland: The sparse tree line and …