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Best Couple Travel Games

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It may seem ironic, maybe absurd at some level to take board games on a couples trip, especially considering that most trips for couples are to have a little R&R or maybe spend some alone time together. But it is not. Travel games can be exactly what the doctor ordered for such trips. Considering the waiting times at the airport, flight/train journeys and the lack of options to go out at night at certain places and you have a need based requirement for something to kill time with.

Considering alternatives like movies, books and music which are mostly a one person kind of activity, kind of beats the point of a couple trip. Our perfect solution is games. These however need to have the exact mix of time and fun and probably repeat plays for them to work. We are listing below 5 of our favorite games we use and recommend for all trips.

 1. Pocket Hive

Players: 2          Playing Time: 15-20 mins        Space: Minimal

Pocket Hive

This piece of wonder is an abstract game, similar in working to chess and has a play time of 15-20minutes. The object of the game is to trap the queen bee completely from all sides using your army of insects each with a different movement characteristics. It can be carried in a pocket and does not need more space than the snacking tray on your airplane seat.

2. Splendor

Players: 2-4          Playing Time: 30 mins        Space: Average


This is a relatively newer game launched in 2014. It takes all of 5 minutes to explain the rules and set it up. Though you would need a little space to play, the fast turns and close finishes will make you play a second time and maybe a third. The object of the game is to reach 15 points, gathered through strategic cards and “nobles”. With pre painted poker chip styled resources and a theme involving precious gems, everything’s likeable.

3. Smash Up

Players: 2-4          Playing Time: 30 mins        Space: Average


Gun totting dinosaurs, Zombies, Robots, Ninjas in a game is what dreams are made of. If you add to it an innovative theme and playing mechanism you have a hit! The card game takes up minimal space and the art keep you wanting for more. Takes a little time to get a hang of the game, but once you’re there it’s a blast. Never felt better being blasted to oblivion by my wife.

4. Battle for Hill 218

Players: 2          Playing Time: 15-20 mins        Space: Minimal


This WWII themed game recreates a hypothetical battle for a certain Hill 108. Both players have their own army with paratroopers, tanks, infantry and artillery with a onetime airstrike card. It plays beautifully in 15-30minutes and fits easily in your pocket. A small disclaimer, not everyone might like the theme and though the game is easy enough to teach, it does take a few chances to understand the gameplay.

 5. 7 Wonders

Players: 2-7          Playing Time: 45 mins        Space: Average

7 wonders

This game needs no introduction. One of the most popular games of recent times with great looking components, amazingly simple yet complex gameplay with equal proportions of strategy and fun. It does take a little space but the two player variant works as well as with a larger set of players (It plays upto 7 – so you can invite your fellow passengers/hotel friends for a quick game). So if you are looking for a sure shot winner you need go no further.

Happy Gaming!!