2015 Trends

Travel and Technology Trends 2015

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2015 Trends

Every Year when the newspapers start carrying the popular trends of the year, for us quite a few are seen or heard about for the first time. Without fail, we end up thinking about how that one particular app could have been really helpful in our last trip. We aim to pre-empt ourselves into not missing out on any of that this year and bring you the ultimate collection of Travel Trends 2015. Some of them maybe ones we missed in 2014 but are something still relevant this year and the rest out to be released this year. Happy Tripping!



Travel and Technology Product Trends 2015

Image Source: ephotozine

We recommend this as the ultimate travel companion. An 18.1 MP camera with a 30x Zoom, a manual control dial, GPS, Wi-Fi and NFC, it’s got it all, add its pocket friendly size to the mix and it is every travel photographers fantasy. This being a last year release does not make it a less worthy camera, with the prices going down, it becomes an even bigger draw for this year’s travel plans.


TraTravel and Technology Product Trends 2015 vel and Technology Product Trends 2015

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We were aiming to put up an action camera here for the people who like to rough it out, but this one had everything we needed and at a fraction of the cost. Easily at the pinnacle of the “Tough category of cameras, you can take this swimming with you, have a 100Kg guy standing over it, or have it drop off the roof of your vehicle , it will survive all of that and much more. Even with the point and shoots making a comeback, there is no comparison with this beauty (or beast)

If you’re looking for a more updated list you might want to head over to check out the best cameras for  travel in 2016.



Image Source: engadget.com

Image Source: engadget.com

We hope to see some incredible launches in March at the Mobile Congress considering the lacklustre showing for smartphones at CES. Considering that a lot of travellers may not be comfortable lugging around a bulky camera for their photographic needs and that smartphones have become an integral part of our life. A hybrid of both the worlds is a given innovation on the cards. This clever phone has a 10x optical zoom lens which takes shots comparable to a Samsung point and shoot and on flipping it over, gives you the exact same functionality of your Samsung android phone. With prices being slashed for this phone as well, it could well become your travel companion this year.


Travel and Technology Product Trends 2015

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There are so many times we’ve wished for a polaroid camera at hand, maybe a selfie with your idol to be autographed ofcourse or your last pic with your bff. Sharing it at a later date digitally is simply not the same. What if someone offered you an option of printing the snapshots taken from your smartphone in less than a minute? Prynt is a smartphone case which connects to your device via Bluetooth and can produce a photo in about 50 seconds effectively turning your smartphone into a Polaroid. Currently the case to be launched in early 2015 only supports 4inch displays but probably seeing the trend towards larger phones, the company has shared plans for developing designs for bigger phones as well.



Travel and Technology Product Trends 2015

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After a spectacular showing by Intel at this year’s CES on wearable technology, all eyes will be on Apple for what is arguably the most awaited technology product this year, the Apple watch. Though replicas have already started appearing in the Chinese markets and a lot of rumours of how good it is going to be, we will have to wait for the launch for more information on how good this is actually going to be.


Travel and Technology Product Trends 2015

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When google glass first came in, a major design flaw was with its bulky frame which made it all but impossible to use it in our everyday lives. The same problem has cropped up with the next generation smart watches. Though Pebble went a long way to combining fashion with Tech, wearable technology remains much of a design graveyard. This watch is one of the first to make a presentable case. Also one of the first to support the new Android Wear software, this sleek and classily designed wrist watch can provide turn-by-turn directions via GPS, send text and email alerts, and search the Web using Google Voice. All this while looking exactly like any other analog watch you might bought off the store. For people on the go, this might just be a new chapter.



Travel and Technology Product Trends 2015

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When on the road you’ve got to be prepared for anything, especially your car battery dying down in the middle of nowhere. If by chance your phone battery is also dead, it is a situation straight out of a nightmare. Juno Power’s external charger is exactly what the doctor ordered in such situations. Pocket sized and carrying a 6,000 mAh battery for your dead smartphone and tablet, it can also jump-start your dead car battery in an instant.


Travel and Technology Product Trends 2015

Image Source: outsideonline.com

Our camping and picnic trips have always had a staunch regular, the cooler. Ryan Grepper aims to make the modest regular cooler, even more “cooler”. Apart from the normal functionality, it has a built-in ice crushing blender, storage for plates and a knife, bottle opener, USB charger for your electronics, Bluetooth speaker to listen to some tunes, and even an LED light so you can fish out a drink in the dark. Basically everything you need for a fun day out.



Travel and Technology Product Trends 2015

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How much innovation can really happen in an entity which has been there for ages and serves the simple purpose of carrying one’s belongings? It so happens, this year was one of innovations. It is not cheap, but boasting a USB port for charging on the go, a built-in luggage scale, and GPS among other intelligent features compliant to all airline and international travel regulations, it has no reason not to charge a premium. That it is probably the coolest looking zipper less hard case out there adds to the swag factor like nothing else.



Travel and Technology Product Trends 2015

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With so many travel apps to choose from, and more on the way every day, we just added in the category for you to help us choose some. There are next gen airbnb’s looking to pair food connoisseurs to locals, Apps giving you last moment hotel options at the best discounted rates as well as apps to look for the best alternate flights for missed connections. We give you a free hand to choose.