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Top 5 things to consider before planning a trip abroad

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As travel bloggers and frequent travellers, we can be said to have a decent understanding as to what goes behind every trip abroad. Although it normally ends up being labelled as a vacation and the drool worthy pics do end up causing a bit of envy, the sweat, time and energy that goes in making a trip successful is something …

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A Vegetarian and Vegan’s Luxury Travel Guide to Koh Samui

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  One of the most beautiful tropical islands to visit in the world is Thailand’s Koh Samui. Potential tourists often wonder if luxury travel as a vegetarian or vegan to this paradise is possible without the hassle of doing meticulous planning. The good news is that several vegan-friendly restaurants are available on the island to cater for your specific travel …

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Best Frequent Flyer Programs in India

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Loyalty programs are a popular strategy used by bigger brands especially in the hospitality sector to retain customers. When it comes to airlines, these are referred to as the Frequent Flyer Programs or Frequent Flyer Miles or Frequent Flyer Rewards based on where you are. Which brings us to the question, what are frequent flyer miles? Traditionally it was a …