32 Best Holiday Destinations for 2017

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Every new year we document a list of the Hottest & the Best holiday destinations across the globe. Being human, it is quite possible a bias might creep up making it Gypsycouple’s recommendation for the best holiday destination. To do away with the bias we’ve taken the help of 31 of the most traveled Bloggers across the globe to give us their recommendation. The list contains some usual suspects and some surprises as you will discover and is surprisingly quite different from our Hottest Destinations list for 2016 . Without further ado, presenting you the list of Best Holiday Destinations for 2017.

Best Holiday Destinations #0

Rishabh & Nirali of Gypsycouple | South Africa

Best Holiday Destinations 2017 - South Africa

This beautiful country has so much to offer that it is a surprise its not on anyone’s list up-till now. It has mountains, beaches, safari’s, watersports, treks and some of the most scenic drives in the world to offer. Hermanus offers the best land spot to view whales, Boulder’s beach offers opportunities to see penguins up close and you can splash around in some of the most pristine beaches you’ve ever seen while on the Garden Route. Its not just for the active travelers (although you can also opt for a bungee jump if that’s your thing), for someone who wishes to relax, Sun City offers an all inclusive package for the family to relax and have fun at their convenience while the bigger cities have their unique food, soul music and cultural activities to charm you. There’s never a dull moment in South Africa and looks like everyone’s invited.

Best Holiday Destinations #1

Stefan & Sebastien of the Nomadic Boys | Galapagos Islands, South America

Best Holiday Destinations 2017 - Galapagos Islands

We think the Galapagos Islands should be on everyone’s destination for 2017.

The Galapagos Islands are an archipelago of volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean, around 1,000km (600 miles) from the coast of Ecuador. The variety of unique wildlife here not only inspired Darwin back in 1835, it completely captivated us when we visited in October 2016.

This is one of the few places in the world where you get so close to the wildlife because they are blazé to humans. You’ll be so spoilt, no other safari will be the same again. One of our favourite animals in the Galapagos are the playful and super adorable baby sea lions. They’re so curious and will fearlessly come up to you and just play with you, especially when snorkelling. They’re also excellent yoga instructors and will happily correct your posture like this one did on the beach on Española Island. We can’t wait to return here in October 2017.

Best Holiday Destinations #2

Paula of Contented Traveller | Nozawa Onsen, Japan

Best Holiday Destinations 2017 - Nozawa Onsen

Nozawa Onsen is a hot spring and ski resort village near Nagano in Japan. It is a very popular destination because it offers a traditional Japanese village, authentic food, a fire festival as well as public hot springs or onsen, which are renowned for their therapeutic benefits. Nozawa Onsen is very close to the Japan Snow Monkeys in Jigokudani Monkey Park.

As a premier ski destination, Nozawa Onsen offers some of the best powder skiing in the world. The ski area is one of the largest in Japan covering 298 hectares with 50 runs suitable for all levels, and a bonus is that there is guaranteed snow, with an average depth of 3.5 meters of mostly powder. There is also a vertical fall of 1085metres making for some very long runs. One of the runs for beginner to intermediate levels is 10kms. Snowboarders and skiers have a lot of choices, and Nozawa Onsen is popular with people who love culture, as well as powder hounds.

Best Holiday Destinations #3

Megan and Mike from Mapping Megan | Antarctica

Best Holiday Destinations 2017 - Antarctica

It’s a little ironic to include Antarctica as one of the “hottest” destinations for 2017, but it should absolutely be at the top of your bucket list! One of the last untouched destinations on earth, the continent is absolutely pristine!! While the experience is up there in expense, expeditions are available to the average person seeking an exceptional adventure, and travel here is something that only a select few can say they have achieved.

100 years ago no more than a handful of people had journeyed to Antarctica, however today around 30,000 travelers visit Antarctica every year. Cruises leave from Punta Arenas in Chile or Ushuaia in Argentina and set off for the South Shetland Islands, stopping at several research stations while sailing along the Antarctic Peninsular. You will experience spectacular glacial lagoons, dramatic icebergs, and incredible wildlife like breaching whales, penguin colonies, and deep-diving seals.

Tip: Make sure you book a cruise which includes land based excursions. International regulations limit the number of people allowed on land at any one time, so large cruise ships with 500 passengers generally offer a “look but not touch” experience. Booking with a cruise company who limits their passengers to around the 110 mark (we booked with Chimu Adventures) means the opportunity to step out off the boat for hikes through ice fields, kayaking adventures, and camping overnight on the most remote continent in the world!

Best Holiday Destinations #5

Dane of Holiday from Where | Samoa

Best Holiday Destinations 2017 - Samoa

Samoa is one of those tropical destinations that has literally everything you could want from an island holiday. Gold sand beaches, black sand beaches, palm trees, coconuts, waterfalls, blow holes, amazingly friendly locals, extremely warm water, good surf, market places and good food and I feel like I never hear anyone talking about it. I have been there a few times now and each time I have noticed a distinct lack of tourism compared to other places I have been that I feel have less to offer. The lack of tourism also adds to the charm of the island and you often feel like you’re in your own little world. For me the number one draw was the surf but once I arrived I realised how much more the country had to offer. I rented a car and drove around the island and what I saw had me feeling like I was in an episode of lost. The jungle was so dense and lush, the landscape is filled with mountains and they drop straight into these amazing blue water bays. Everywhere I turned it was something beautiful or smiling locals who always wanted to stop and talk to us no matter what they seemed to be doing. If I only had one holiday planned for next year for a few weeks or a month I would want to make it this incredible uncrowded island paradise.

Best Holiday Destinations #6

Viktoria of Chronic Wanderlust | Chile

Best Holiday Destinations 2017 - Chile

It’s hard to describe a country that is so diverse as Chile is. It seems impossible to capture Chile with a few words. I was simply blown away by its beauty, serenity and simplicity when it comes to travelling around. Take some weeks and explore the coastal cities, national parks in the Andes, hike on Chiloé Island, enjoy the hot springs like Termas Geometricas, share your food with Alpacas and meet chatty locals over a Pisco Sour. And then of course there is Easter Island. Far off the mainland in the middle of nowhere, just surrounded by the ocean and guarded by the mighty Moai statues. Rent a quad and off you go.

And there’s another place in Chile I recommend you go to: Punta de Choros. It’s a two-hour ride from La Serena and you’ll spot Humboldt penguins, sea lions, and even dolphins if you are lucky!

Best Holiday Destinations #7

Gordon of Travel Bloguer | Saparua Island, Maluku, Indonesia

Best Holiday Destinations 2017 - Saparua Island

People are looking for places to visit that are not overrun with tourists, where you can have a more immersive cultural experience. Saparua Island is one of the Spice Islands in Indonesia, located of the city of Ambon.  You reach the village of Haria by boat from Ambon, and are greeted with both churches and mosques.  Where there were once problems between the two groups on the island, they now live peacefully. You can see the Dutch influence at Fort Duurstede, which The Dutch East Indies Company established in 1691. The Dutch influence is everywhere on the island. The local daily markets are where you realize that this is an isolated island. There are no touts or hawkers, no one asking to be paid to take a photo of a local person, who enjoyed the attention. We saw and smelled cloves, tasted fresh durian, and experienced the noise, the colors and the smells of this village. Saparua Island is one of those off the beaten track places where people are guaranteed to have a very authentic experience.

Best Holiday Destinations #8

Claudia of My Adventures Across the World | Bela Krajina, Slovenia

Best Holiday Destinations 2017 - Bela Krajina, Slovenia
If there is a place that has to make it to a traveler’s bucket list for 2017, that is the region of Bela Krajina, in Slovenia. Located on the border with Croatia, and at easy reach from the capital Ljubljana, this is one of the least explored regions of the country. However, it is an incredible place to spend a week or more. It is rich in natural beauty: imagine lush, green hills, with forests galore and fantastic hiking trails. There are lots of wineries too, not to mention the great breweries: one of the most fun things to do there are wine and beer tours. The small villages are scattered around, and they look like they came out of a painting. And there are plenty of hidden corners that are perfect to photograph. The bonus? Bela Krajina is still undiscovered, so there aren’t nearly as many tourists as in the rest of the country. Visiting becomes a lovely, local experience.

Best Holiday Destinations #9

Nellie Huang of Adventure Travel Blog WildJunket | Mongolia

Best Holiday Destinations 2017 - Mongolia

Today’s Mongolia is moving forward with the future by embracing globalism and rediscovering its pastoral culture, and it looks set to be a popular travel destination in 2017.

Mongolia is characterized by vast steppes, giant sand dunes, and traditional gers (yurts) that dot its immense landscapes. It’s packed with so much pristine natural beauty that few other countries can rival. Every turn on the road reveals a different landscape, be it a hill of colors after emerging from parched earth, or rising from the dunes to find an oasis of lagoons. Nomadic families continue to live the way their ancestors did for centuries, and their infectious sense of hospitality is nothing short of overwhelming.

Best Holiday Destinations #10

Inma of A World to TravelGalicia, Spain

Best Holiday Destinations 2017 - Galicia, Spain

Galicia is home. The place where I was born and bred and the one I return to in between my travels around the world. And believe me, I would have definitely changed that should it was not a dream destination.

Lacking the big hotels and tourism complexes other areas in Spain are filled with, the development of tourism is still at a good pace in Galicia. People have finally understood sustainable and ecotourism is the way to go and all the efforts entrepreneurs are making go towards an environmentally friendly tourism. The best example is St. James Way, a pilgrimage that comes from the Middle Ages that has been bringing hiking enthusiasts to Galicia ever since. Slow tourism, locally produced food, Galician managed initiatives and a great natural environment make the rest.

But hey, it is not just me the one who thinks Galicia is a place that should be topping this list of ecotourism destinations for 2017. 

Best Holiday Destinations #11

Alesha & Jarryd of NOMADasaurus | Kyrgyzstan

Best Holiday Destinations 2017 - Kyrgyzstan

When it comes to travel regions, Central Asia is often overlooked among tourists. But for those who are interested in Silk Road history, fascinating culture, incredible scenery and adventure activities, this is the place to go!

In particular Kyrgyzstan is a true highlight, and in our opinion one of the hottest destinations for 2017. Over 93% of the country is covered in mountains making it perfect for those who love to be outdoors. The visa situation is very relaxed for people of most nations and the flight connections are getting better and better every year. For the adventurous trekking in Kyrgyzstan is a brilliant activity, along with horse riding in Son Kul, mountain biking in the Tian Shan mountains and even skiing and snowboarding in the winter. If you’re curious in Silk Road history there are some amazing caravanserais, and the phenomenal Burana Tower is a must-see, just outside of Bishkek. But no trip to Kyrgyzstan is complete without doing a traditional yurt stay with a local family. Learning about how these nomadic people live and having the opportunity to help with many day-to-day tasks is something that you will always remember!

Best Holiday Destinations #12

Margherita of The Crowded Planet | Iran

Best Holiday Destinations 2017 - Iran

Sometimes I feel as if I were on a one-woman mission to get people to visit Iran. The country is absolutely stunning, offering a wonderful mixture of nature, adventure, history and culture – but what sets the destination apart from anywhere else I’ve been are its people, truly the friendliest and most hospitable we’ve met during our journeys. We spent two weeks in Iran, the maximum time allowed by our visa on arrival, but it was barely enough to scratch the surface of the country. We started our journey in the capital, and found out that there are so many things to do in Tehran that we could easily have spent the whole two weeks there! Other places that can be visited on a 2 week trip are Isfahan, Shiraz and Yazd, and if you have longer… the country is huge, I’m sure you won’t get bored and you’ll return with lots of friends!

Best Holiday Destinations #13

Alice of Teacake Travels | Bangladesh

Best Holiday Destinations 2017 - Bangladesh

Here’s a new one for you…Bangladesh. It’s probably the last place you’d consider as one of the hottestdestinations for 2017. Yet, if you’re looking for undiscovered territory, delectable food, a chance to see a tiger and the bragging rights that you’ve stood on the longest beach in the world, Bangladesh is it. It’s infrastructure for tourists doesn’t really exist outside of the capital and local tourist beaches, but personally for me, and hopefully you, this is the beauty of it. Locals are unbelievably generous, curious and genuine. The countryside is beautiful, calm and untouched. Travelling from town to town is an educational and exhilarating experience within itself. Make sure to ride the trains, buses and tuk tuks to really get the feel for Bangladesh. My personal highlights are visiting Sylhet for its tea plantations, Dhaka for its sheer mayhem and the Chittagong Hills for their unique beauty. Get yourself to Bangladesh!

Best Holiday Destinations #14

Sharon of Where’s Sharon | Tasmania, Australia

Best Holiday Destinations 2017 - Tasmania

Tasmania is one of the hottest destinations to visit in 2017. It is full of top attractions, fabulous food and is easy to explore.

Tasmania is a state of Australia and the island you can see located off the south east coast of Australia. It’s famous for its natural beauty and also well-known thanks to Taz, the Tasmanian Devil that hangs out with Bugs Bunny!

There are many national parks to explore this natural beauty and wildlife. Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park is particularly beautiful and well set up for hiking with all lengths and abilities catered for. Freycinet National Park is another beautiful national park. It is home to Wineglass Bay, often featured in lists of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If you want to check out Tasmania’s wildlife up close (including the Tasmanian Devil), there are also many wildlife parks.

After you have explored the natural attractions of Tasmania, there’s also Tasmania’s colonial and penal heritage to explore. Tasmania started as a penal settlement for England’s convicts and a trip to Port Arthur is a great place to explore this heritage. There’s also many other penal remains in places like Richmond and Sarah Island. Hobart, the capital, is home to many reminders of Australia’s colonial history as this is one of the oldest parts of Australia.

Hobart is also home to my favourite art museum in the world – MONA (Museum of Old and New Art). This place is amazing. So amazing in fact, that I think it justifies a trip to Tasmania in its own right. At the same site you will also find a winery and brewery so it’s a great place to visit for a day.

The best part about all of this is Tasmania is removed enough from the rest of the world that it doesn’t see huge visitor numbers – yet! Get there in 2017 while it’s still not well known.

Best Holiday Destinations #15

Bertaut & Alexis of World Travel Adventurers | Croatia

Best Holiday Destinations 2017 - Croatia

Croatia should be on your travel list for 2017 because it has so much to offer! It is a beautiful country with a fascinating history dating back to the 7th century, and yet it is a young country that declared its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. Croatia is a must-visit destination for any history lover and we highly recommend the walking tours in all the major cities. The medieval city of Dubrovnik looks like it is from a movie set with its ancient walls and orange tiled roofs, and indeed many scenes from Game of Thrones were filmed there. The capital city of Zagreb is equally rich in history and culture and has some fantastic restaurants featuring delicious Dalmatian cuisine. Watch the sunset in Zadar as the waves play a relaxing harmony on the sea organ. Hike the magnificent Plitvice Lakes National Park, a Unesco World Heritage Site where you can walk amid waterfalls and blue-green lakes in a truly magical landscape. Dine and shop inside ancient roman ruins at Diocletian’s palace in Split. Soak up the sun on the gorgeous beaches along the Mediterranean coast or sail the Adriatic Sea and explore the gorgeous Croatian islands.

Best Holiday Destinations #16

Rashmi & Chalukya of Go Beyond Bounds | Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Best Holiday Destinations 2017 - Luxembourg

The tiny country of Luxembourg in the heart of Europe sits landlocked by Belgium, Germany, and France. Luxembourg is well connected with the major cities of Paris, Brussels, and Frankfurt which make it for an easy day trip. Luxembourg has a plenitude of medieval castles, lush green hills, and picturesque valleys. Around 70% of the country is covered with the green landscape providing for ample of outdoor activities and adventures.

The capital Luxembourg City is a beautiful medieval city which will transport you back in time with a well preserved old town quarter and cobblestone alleys. The UNESCO-listed historic center perched on a clifftop emanates an old world charm and surrounding it are high rising Skyscrapers epitomizes a beautiful blend of old and new. The most prominent attraction of the capital are the 17 km of passageways of the underground tunnels originally 23 km and built as underground defenses which also served as refuges during the wars. And when you are there do not miss the wonderful views over the old city in Alzette valley from Le Chemin de La Corniche which is called as the Europe’s Most Beautiful Balcony. There are a plenty of trendy cafes and restaurants where you sit and soak up the charm on a sip of coffee.

Best Holiday Destinations #17

Jane of To Travel Too | Kotor, Montenegro

Best Holiday Destinations 2017 - Kotor, Montenegro

Tucked away on a stunning bay, surrounded by looming granite mountains this quaint 2,000 year old UNESCO city stuns everyone who visits.

Within the walls of Kotor, one wanders around admiring the ancient palaces that have either been converted into hotels or restaurants.  The ancient cobble stone streets and narrow alleyways have you exploring every corner. Why not stop for a coffee, a meal or just a drink after a few hours of sightseeing, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from.

The Fort looms over the city and encourages all that visit, to climb the 1,350 steps to admire the view and what a view it is!  In the evening the pathway up to the Fort is lit up and can be seen for miles. An afternoon trip out on the bay to visit Perast and the island Church of the Lady of the Rock built in 1630 is a must.  The small boat leaves from opposite the entrance to the City Walls. The scenery is stunning, it leaves you lost for words!

Best Holiday Destinations #18

Tom of The Travelling Tom | Basque Country, Spain

Best Holiday Destinations 2017 - Basque Country

When most people think of Spain, they think of sun, sand and sangria. Well, there’s a lot to more to Spain than this, and it’s typified by the Basque Country! The North of Spain is one of the most beautiful parts of the country. There’s rolling green hills as far as the eye can see, which is great if you love hiking. The two main cities Bilbao and San Sebastian are fantastic locations. Bilbao is a small, but intriguing place with some great architecture. While San Sebastian is arguably the most beautiful place in Spain! If you’re planning on visiting Spain in 2017, don’t leave without going to the Basque Country!

Best Holiday Destinations #19

Allison of Eternal Arrival | Albanian Riviera

 Best Holiday Destinations 2017 - Albanian Riviera

The Albanian Riviera is one of the best summer destinations in Europe, and it’s finally just starting to get the recognition it so badly deserves. The beaches of the Albanian Riviera have the most crystal clear, turquoise blue waters I’ve ever seen – they’re a dream to swim in. The water is warm, calm, and super salty, so it’s easy to float and relax in. The Albanian Riviera is cheap to boot, with dorms from about $9 per night and hotels for not much more. The seafood on the coast is delicious and cheap as well – think main dishes for as little as $3! The best thing is that Albania is not super popular with tourists yet, so you won’t be fighting for beach space the same way you would be in more popular locales like Croatia or Greece, but you’ll have the same crystal clear waters!

Best Holiday Destinations #20

Geoff & Katie of Wandertooth | Glasgow, Scotland

Best Holiday Destinations 2017 - Glasgow, Scotland

While everyone goes gaga over Edinburgh, if you dig a little deeper you’ll find Glasgow is the Scottish city on the tips of every locals’ lips. Long plagued by the ravages of manufacturing decline, Glasgow’s transformation from gritty and a bit dangerous to hip arts and culture hub is nothing short of miraculous. With the dark days officially far behind them, Glasgow has emerged as one of the UK’s and Europe’s most underrated cities.

Once you get the must-sees of Kelvingrove, the Riverside Museum, and some Mackintosh checked off your list, we’d suggest spending a day or two simply wandering Glasgow’s different neighborhoods, popping in to enjoy the city’s excellent, but unpretentious, food and drinks scene, and shopping the boutiques scattered throughout each area. A UNESCO creative city of music, Glasgow is also the place to catch a show, having consistently incubated some of the world’s best indie bands for decades. And if you ever run out of things to do, just ask a Glaswegian: they’re some of the friendliest and most open people we’ve met on our travels.

If you’re heading to Scotland in 2017, tear yourself away from Edinburgh for a night or two, and find out why Glasgow is Scotland’s coolest city.

Best Holiday Destinations #21

Barbara of Jet Settera | St Tropez

Best Holiday Destinations 2017 - St Tropez


St-Tropez is one of the most glamorous vacation spots in Europe. Many of the rich and famous appear here with their super yachts during the peak season in July. This small fishing village became popular, when Bridget Bardot started vacationing here. Today you can notice her photos in many places in the village. They even named a beach club after her. It is a small but beautiful jet-set destination with expensive beach clubs and beautiful yachts. The beaches are pretty and visitors will never have a boring moment here. The beach clubs often throw champagne parties, where hundreds of bottles of champagne are sprayed on the guests. You can often spot Billionaires like Philip Green dancing with a group of models. The nightlife is also very glamorous. You can go celebrity spotting on the terrace of the Hotel Byblos, which is the best hotel in town, or you can dance the night away at the local Club, Le Caves du Roy, where millions of euros are spent of champagne every month.

Best Holiday Destinations #22

Stephanie of Every Steph – Green & Glamorous Travel | Vietnam

Best Holiday Destinations 2017 - Vietnam

Vietnam should definitely be on your bucket list for 2017. The country mixes and matches old and new, bustling cities and breathtaking landscapes. Being Vietnam a very long and narrow country, you can rest assured that Vietnam boasts some breathtaking beaches. Don’t miss the Unesco.listed Halong Bay and the beaches of Cat Ba Island in the north, while if you are looking for some party time hit the beaches of Nha Trang.

Plan at least three days in Hoi An because this very pretty town will conquer you, guaranteed. Among the many things to do in Hoi An, go get some tailored clothes made for very cheap!

But my favorite place in all the country is Mai Chau, a quiet village located 130km away from Hanoi. Sitting in an enchanting valley that’s so beautiful it looks like a painting, Mai Chau is a great ecotourism destination. Here you can trek or bike around the paddy fields, or just soak in the views and relax.

Best Holiday Destinations #23

Cathy of Roar Loud | Azores, Portugal

Best Holiday Destinations 2017 - Portugal

We fell in love with the islands of the Azores and know you will too!  These nine islands off the coast of Portugal are known as the Hawaii of the East.  Lush foliage in every shade of green cover these volcanic islands.  A nature lover’s paradise with waterfalls, thermal pools, volcanic craters, and hiking trails of every length, the Azores will delight your senses.  Still relatively unknown by many, these islands feel like a private paradise just for you.  Visit in the summer for roads and fields lined in blue hydrangea blooms. Wander the mosaic tiled sidewalks to admire the architecture of churches, doors, and homes. While exploring the cities, stumble upon street art from talented artists around the world.  Enjoy fresh seafood prepared in simple yet amazing ways, delicious cheeses made on the islands, and flavorful wines.  If all of that has not captured your heart, there is no way to resist the Portuguese egg tarts and queijadas.  These are some of the best pastry you will ever enjoy.

Best Holiday Destinations #24

Vicki of Make Time to See the World | Namibia

Best Holiday Destinations 2017 - Namibia

When I visited Namibia in August 2016 I absolutely fell in love with the country and have been trying to convince anyone I meet that it needs to be at the top of their list for 2017!

The country has so much to offer: from amazing wild animal sightings in Etosha National Park, to the beautiful contrasting landscapes of Sossusvlei and Deadvlei in the Namib Desert, and the millennia old rock formations of Spitzkoppe. The natural beauty will take your breath away.

Add in adventure activities such as Quad Biking and Skydiving in Swakopmund, a visit to the Himba tribe in the Kunene region of northern Namibia, a stop at one of the countries Cheetah Conservation Farms, and once you’re exhausted with all that, head off to the natural hot springs at Ais Ais for some rest and relaxation! Namibia really does have something for everyone.

Not convinced yet? I’ve got 10 (More) Reasons That Will Make You Want To Visit Namibia in 2017!

Best Holiday Destinations #25

Gabor of Surfing the Planet | Cuba

Best Holiday Destinations 2017 - Cuba

Cuba is living an era of change. This already started several years ago, when the Cuban regime slowly became more tolerant with foreign tourism. Nevertheless the year 2016 marked a major change, when Cuba opened his borders without restrictions for tourists coming from United States. It’s not hard to foresee, that changes will accelerate now and even more after the recent death of Fidel Castro.

Cuba is a fascinating country you should visit before it changes too much. In Havana, you can see some of the most spectacular examples of colonial architecture in Latin America. You can listen to Cuban music on every corner and you can see anti-capitalist signs that will surely disappear with time. The country is full of other gems from the colonial era; Trinidad and Cienfuegos are the best examples. These cities seem to have stopped in time several decades ago, but who knows what mass tourism will do to them. Cuba has lots of beautiful small islands (called “cayos”), where even these days you can find beaches to be alone in paradise. There’s no doubt that soon huge resorts will rise in many of these, so 2017 might be your last chance to enjoy the authentic Cuba.

Best Holiday Destinations #26

Hannah & Adam of Getting Stamped | Philippines

Best Holiday Destinations 2017 - Philippines
Looking for 2017 hottest destination head to the Philippines for some of the sickest islands in the world. I spent a month island hopping and fell in love with El Nido. Every day I would wake up and jump on a day tour that would take me out exploring the nearby islands. Some of the islands have hidden beaches you had to swim through caves to get to. Divers and snorkelers with be in heaven, the marine life is loving life in El Nido. No where else in the world has such white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and epic landscapes. After a day on the ocean head back into El Nido town for happy hour on the beach with a gorgeous sunset. If you are “beached out” there are tons of things to do in El Nido some great hikes or rent a bike and explore the countryside. Make sure to plan at least a week in El Nido, as you won’t want to leave. If I could wake up anywhere tomorrow morning it would be El Nido.

Best Holiday Destinations #27

Helena of Through an Aussies Eyes | Orkney Islands, Scotland

Best Holiday Destinations 2017 - Orkney Islands, Scotland

The Orkney Islands are situated just north of mainland Scotland and it is one of those hidden gems that the world is hiding. The Orkneys have 70 islands with the majority of them being uninhabited; which means it is the
perfect place to have an adventure. The Orkneys are home to the famous World War One and Two site of Scapa
Flow.  As you drive though the twisty roads and cross the bridges, you can see the blocker ships that were purposely sunk to keep the enemy subs out. I highly recommend scuba diving with Scapa Scuba to experience their
underwater beauty.
The towns of Stromness and Kirkwall hold beautiful boutique shops that have a lot of handcrafted items that use natural resources from the islands. Around these towns are Nordic and Bronze Age cairns (tombs) with the Tomb of the Eagles being one of the best. In the centre of Kirkwall are the historic Earl’s Palace and Saint Magnus Cathedral that will give you a view of the entire town.
I would also recommend going to the ancient attractions of Skara Brae, the Ring of Brodger and Maeshowe. The Orkneys are one of the most beautiful islands the world has to offer. The Orkneys still hold their 11th century
charm and it will win you over.

Best Holiday Destinations #28

Chrissy of Travel Passionate | Italian Rivera

Best Holiday Destinations 2017 - Italian Riviera

The colorful seaside villages of the Italian Riviera is a must see destination for every traveler. Located between the South of France and the Tuscany borders the Italian Riviera has something for everyone; charm, character, nightlife, incredible beaches with turquoise waters, mouthwatering food and amazing nature. There are many nice villages and towns worth visiting in the Italian Riviera. The famous, five villages of the Cinque Terre with their colorful houses hanging on the cliffs, the small harbors, the maze of alleyways and the hiking paths. The seaside town of Portovenere, an UNESCO heritage site with its magnificent castle and the nearby islands of Palmaria. The coastal towns of Santa Margherita, Rapallo and  Sestri Levante popular holiday spots. The village of Portofino, a posh holiday spot for the rich and famous with high-end boutiques and excellent restaurants. The city of Genoa with its maritime history, the beautiful cathedral of San Lorenzo and the buzzing piazzas.  The Italian Riviera is a once in a lifetime holiday destination.

Best Holiday Destinations #29

Patricia of Ze Wandering Frogs | Bonaire, Caribbean

Best Holiday Destinations 2017 - Bonaire, Caribbean

Bonaire is the lesser-known island of the ABCs – Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao in the Caribbean. The tiny island is, however, a hot paradise for those looking for an off-the-beaten-path destination. Indeed, Bonaire has it all – history dating back 1000 AD and then through the Spanish conquerors and the Dutch Colonies, wildlife both on land and in the ocean, warm turquoise waters, and excellent seafood. Adventure travel and outdoor activities lovers will find their fill of thrilling experiences too. Bonaire is a top diving destination, with the whole island a marine park with pristine environment and marine life such Green turtles, seahorses, reef sharks, and tarpons. Popular dive sites include Salt Pier, Bari Reef, or even the famous Hilma Hooker wreck. The Washington Slagbaai National Park north of the island provides with hiking and wildlife watching opportunities such iguanas, wild donkeys, and flamingos. But Bonaire is also a famous destination for wind sports. Jibe City, on the Sorobon peninsula on the Lac Bay, has been well-known for many years by windsurfers of all levels, while Atlantis Beach is an up and coming kiteboarding spot. Its off-shore conditions are better fitting advanced kitesurfers but local kite shops offer lessons for beginners. Layback and welcoming, Bonaire should be on any Caribbean travel wishlist.

Best Holiday Destinations #30

Isabel Leong of Bel Around the World | New Zealand

Best Holiday Destinations 2017 - Newzealand

The landscapes that I’ve witnessed in New Zealand speaks of the raw, untamed beauty of the forces of nature. The brilliance of Earth’s formations cannot be felt anywhere else.

Imagine stepping through the rolling hills of Hobbiton and the picturesque plains that you see in Lord of The Rings. Witness the forces of the glacier at Fox Glacier, and admire the colours of that natural chemicals like sulfur have on geothermal sites. If you’re itching for adrenaline, New Zealand’s got everything you need, from bungy jumping to skydiving, and even blackwater rafting.

Many are put off by the cost of touring New Zealand, but it can be affordable! Renting a campervan and driving through the island can be so much more affordable than what most people think. I only spent NZD 50 a day on a campervan, split by 4 people!

Best Holiday Destinations #31

Trisha of PS I’m on my Way | Armenia

Best Holiday Destinations 2017 - Armenia

When Armenia is raised in any conversation, people will always come up with the question, “what the hell do we know about Armenia?” Exactly. Nothing. And I think this is enough reason to go. Aside from the surprising fact that you can travel Armenia for $30 per day (including food, accommodation, and tours, I kid you not), this country is very rich in interesting history. Sure, a lot of countries have histories, but that of Armenia’s is something very engaging as it is the first country to adapt Christianity (even before Rome did!)

I am not a religious person but if a country can make me stimulated in things I have zero interest in, then it is worth telling a story. Armenia should unquestionably be in your travel plans this year.

This concludes our list of the Best Holiday Destinations for 2017. Do let us know in the comments if you have a favourite you would like to recommend and a why!

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