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Rajasthan – The Ultimate Itinerary

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Rajasthan in Monsoon has been in our minds since we decided to explore Goa in monsoons a couple of years back. That it ticks all the checkboxes of things you would normally want out of a holiday, makes it a fabulous idea for a trip. Off season prices – Check, Lesser number of tourists – Check, Great weather – Check and if you’re like us and simple love having the world around you turn a brilliant shade of green, that’s a check as well. Hence our idea of a Rajasthan Tour Guide which works well around the year but is especially good for Monsoons. (We would avoid the Rajasthan summers if we were you)

Instead of talking about a list of places, we have created a readymade Rajasthan tour itinerary for you and will keep adding in optional getaways and journey breaks as we discover them. We have often rued the lack of such itineraries when we plan our trips and hope this list of places to visit in rajasthan will be useful for atleast some of you. If you prefer someone else planning the itinerary instead, uou can also check out some Rajasthan Tour Packages as well.

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Rajasthan Tour Destination Details

Rajasthan Tour in Monsoon - Udaipur


The city of lakes and palaces and indeed of the very beautiful lake palace. Monsoons are a great time to be here given that the lakes will be fuller than ever, there will be a hint of chill in the air and the surrounding hills shrouded in clouds will give you a feeling of you being in a mountain retreat. The food is delectable and its markets in the narrow winding lanes will allow for some great shopping should you wish to do some.

Suggested Stay: 2-3 Nights
Distance to Next Destination (Ranakpur) : 100 Kms (Roughly 2 Hours)


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Rajasthan Tour in Monsoon - Ranakpur


About an hour’s drive away from Udaipur this quaint little temple town is home to the Ranakpur Jain Temple, a structure often compared to the Taj Mahal in terms of the beauty. It is said that the cost of building the temple stood at 15 Billion Rupees, making it even more expensive than the Taj Mahal. Kumbalgarh fort about an hour out is said to have the long wall boundary after the Great Wall of China and the surrounding wildlife sanctuary is host to a huge number of predators and prey alike making it a wonderful excursion.

Suggested Stay: 1-2 Nights
Distance to Next Destination (Jodhpur) : 175 Kms (Roughly 3 Hours)


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Rajasthan Tour in Monsoon - Jodhpur


The second largest city in Rajasthan albeit with a quiet small town feel. The Mehrangarh Fort perched on a small hillock looms large over the city, lovingly called the blue city because of the high number of houses painted such. The blue coloured houses have since given way to newer, more trendy coloured structures but a quick look from the top of the fort shows that there are still people especially around the older parts of the city who’ve stayed true to the blue tradition. Jaswant thada a monument meant to celebrate the erstwhile king’s life after his death, borrows heavily from the beauty of the Taj Mahal and even uses the same marble to give it a similar feel. However the architecture is different and though much smaller in size, is still beautiful, resounding well with our impression of the city.

Suggested Stay: 2-3 Nights
Distance to Next Destination (Nagaur) : 150 Kms (Roughly 2.5 Hours)


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Rajasthan Tour in Monsoon - Nagaur

Photo Credits | Ranvas Nagaur


The massive Achitragarh fort is the defining landmark of this fort city. The palace and its museum is undergoing some fascinating restoration and can be of interest to history lovers and cultural enthusiasts alike. The fort is incredibly romantic and a walk around the perimeter peering down to the busy streets is recommended as are the alfresco dinner options made available to the guests. As the place is in the Thar Desert, activities include jeep safari into the desert as also camel safaris and the like. A short 2 hour drive from Jodhpur, Bikaner and Mandawa it offers a basket of options to explore should you wish to make it a base for your travel although we wouldn’t mind staying put and enjoying this fabulous property itself.

Suggested Stay: 1-2 Nights
Distance to Next Destination (Jaipur) : 250 Kms (Roughly 4 Hours)


Rajasthan Tour in Monsoon - Jaipur


The pink city as the capital of the state of Rajasthan is the biggest city in the state as well as the most chaotic. There’s a lot to see and do in the city including the beautiful Amer fort, the city palace and the Jantar Mantar, the Hawa Mahal as well as the Jal Mahal. If all of that isn’t enough to pique your interest, the lip smacking food and the every bustling markets never cease to amaze. Do the touristy things and check them off your list before a longish drive to a local secret offering the best sunset views in the city, the Padao restaurant at Nahargarh fort. The city is a great example of India as a whole, one proud of its heritage and roots but aiming forward into the new age. A pro tip: do not miss having some of the delicious street food on offer at the various Misthan Bhandaars (Sweet shops) across the city.

Suggested Stay: 2-3 Nights
Distance to Next Destination (Bhainsrorgarh) : 300 Kms (Roughly 5 Hours)


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Rajasthan Tour in Monsoon - Bhainsrorgarh


A view from the top will instantly transport you to another country. For us, it was our find of the trip and as close to Scotland we can get in this desert state of Rajasthan. An hour’s drive from the nearest major city of Kota. The forests of yore have made way for farms of maize and lentils and the predators, once proud rulers of the region, are long gone. However, the rustic beauty of the place with the mighty Chambal flowing on one side and the dreary brahmini river tumbling to meet it from the other it makes for a sight like none other. The Bhainsrorgarh fort is a living fort, albeit a tiny one, with an active village within its walls and that is its biggest charm. The main palace has been converted into a hotel with the present Royal family living in a separate part of the palace with surprisingly easy access should you feel the need to interact with them. The nearby ancient temples of Badoli are also worth a visit while a small guided hike around the fort takes you through the “Chhatri’s” or final resting place of the erstwhile rulers and a suspension bridge which takes you across the Brahmini River. The serenity of the place as well as the views it offers are unparalleled and for us was the highlight of our stay. If you enjoy the company of good food, chirping birds and a mighty river and like to live like a Maharaja in what was one of the biggest rooms we’ve stayed in, you’ll absolutely fall in love with the place like us.

Suggested Stay: 2 Nights
Distance to nearest Airport (Udaipur) : 240 Kms (Roughly 4 hours)
Distance to nearest Railhead (Kota) : 60 Kms (Roughly 1.5 Hours)

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Rajasthan Tour Optional getaways/journey breaks 

Shahpura Bagh

Photo Credits | Vascotravel


Nestled within the Aravalli’s this was a highly sought after territory given its advantage in both military and trade. In its present day avatar, given the efforts of the ancestors of the present royal family in creating manmade lakes around the region, it is as green as they come. An oasis in the middle of the desert state, Shahpura abounds in greenery and lakes filled to the brim which also serve as the primary source of irrigation water. Shahpura Bagh, the current royal family’s residence doubles as a boutique luxury hotel and is the place to stay in Shahpura. The service is very pleasing, the food delectable as always but what really sells it is the fact that you get to interact with royalty who are very approachable and will regale you with stories of the past and future. An old fort which they maintain is a grand setting for the evening spectacle which should not be missed. Given that the place is equidistant from most destinations mentioned. It serves as an ideal break should you need one.

Suggested Stay: 2-3 Nights
Nearest Railhead (Bhilwara) : 60 Kms (Roughly 1 Hour)

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If you see something you like or have something you would like to ask us about this particular Rajasthan tour, feel free to comment below or write to us. You can also check out our Rajasthan roadtrip stories, if you’re like us and like to take a car. A great alternative if budget permits and your time is limited, would be the Royal Rajasthan on Wheels Luxury train which takes you on a roundtrip to Delhi covering some of most popular destinations in Rajasthan & UP in style.

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Rajasthan Tour Guide for Monsoons - The can be looked upon as an Ultimate Rajasthan Guide for all seasons especially for Monsoons. Its a work in progress, so the next time you visit, this might have more destinations with more recommendations listed.